Tour De Dalzell - Part 1

Three hungry men, and the hopes of a unique foodie adventure fall before the vintage steel contraptions, fastened somewhere in the late 70's. The only thing holding back the fiery souls was the uncertainty of the road ahead. Never before, has the Tour De Dalzell been attempted, especially in the heat of a 95 degree day, and with about 50 pounds worth of gear.

We have our proper uniform attire, which includes classic blazers and properly fitted button-ups. Our bikes are fine-tuned and more than ready to hit the pavement of the beautiful Kansas City. The tour starts at the monumental Nelson Art Gallery where the three tour patrons and competitors, Ryan Maybee, Jimmy Keown, and Paul Manning gather. The goal of the tour is not to win, but rather to experience a world of cuisine in the quaint artistic Crossroads Neighborhood. Yes, the Tour De Dalzell is an ode to one of the fine chefs that makes the food scene more exciting and original in Kansas City. Rob Dalzell once had a dream, and that dream has come to life in the development of his five wonderfully diverse eateries, ranging from fast food style to fine dining.

Guided by Ryan Maybee we were able to experience Rob Dalzell's creations with great enthusiasm that delighted the taste buds.

This, is Part 1

We flew through the heated streets of midtown, catching up each other's lives and remarking on the beauty of the Midwest city we call home. We reach the top of Main Street just before the great descent through Crown Center Plaza. As the sweat (appetizing?...) began to roll down our faces we hit the long downhill to the Crossroads neighborhood. No more pedaling, just the relaxation of a crisp morning wind as we let gravity take over; all the way to SouperMan.

Souperman is conveniently located in the old TWA building and thus surrounded by the creativity of Barkley Advertising. The lunch spot is pretty small and has a modern-esque decor. The most eclectic aspect of Souperman is the extremely creative menu. We're talking about dishes from Thai chicken noodle soup to chilled cucumber dill soup. They also offer fresh salads and amazing sanditos, which are little panini style wraps that rocked our world. We ended up trying an assortment of soups and sanditos, which was a great start to the tour. The food was fresh, healthy, and most importantly, inexpensive. You get to enjoy some of Rob's most interesting creations with lunch style pricing.

Check it out ---

1724 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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