Badonk-a-blanc (burgers + bottles!)

Blanc burgers and bottles has been in the conversation for best burger joint of KC ever since it opened in March of 2008. The variety of burgers including the au poivre (pepper crusted burger, watercress, green peppercorn sauce) and the inside out (blue cheese-stuffed burger, applewood-smoked bacon, onion ring, ketchup, mustard, butter lettuce, onion brioche bun) are all made from ground tenderloin. This is the starting point for all these burgers that really set them apart. The awesome ingredients and creative combinations are just extra bonuses. Even the buns are made exclusively from “Farm to Market” bakery. Gotta highlight a few awesome side items including the hometown Boulevard brewery Pale Ale onion rings, as well as truffle fries!
Don’t get too excited about the food that you forget to try some of the awesome specialty sodas or milkshakes at Blanc. The chocolate milkshake is one of the best made in the city. Not ice cream, but chocolate custard is mixed with locally owned, Schatto creamery milk. Then served right from the steel mixing cup....Boomshakalaka. There are over 140 specialty sodas or beers to choose from and they actually have “Mexican” coca-cola! Haven’t ever seen that here in KC before…..gotta try it if you never have.
The burgers will clearly be more expensive than your double cheese from McDonalds, but give their lunch special a try from Monday-Friday 11-3 to indulge in a burger and side dish for about half the price!.....not that regular price isn’t so worth it.
Blanc burgers is located in the heart of Westport right across from the Bunker, at the intersection of Broadway and Westport road. Or check out their brand new location, just south of 105th street on Mission Road.


  1. I moved here from L.A. and Blanc burgers is the best spot I've found so far in Kansas! I send everyone there. Great find!

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