First Fridays = First Foodies Adventure

To open up the Foodies season we went down to The American for some amazing wine and appetizers. Willy, the bartender, offered amazing service and was always looking for ways to make us feel comfortable and at home. The atmosphere of the lounge has a definite 70's feel and the house pinot noir was a great way to start an amazing evening. After getting some light food and a few drinks we made our way down to the Crossroads District to participate in the always amazing First Fridays. The weather was beautiful for this time of the year and patrons were flooding the streets and galleries. After visiting some of the amazing galleries and listening to an awesome 7th/8th grade rock band, we went over to check out Extra Virgin. With the sudden weather spurt the Crossroads was packed and the restaurant was probably as busy as its been all winter. We started off with some excellent cocktails, champagne, and dove into the food head first. - Food Review Up Soon!--

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