Extra Virgin=Extra Sexy

From the moment we entered the front door, all we could do was wait...wait and see exactly what that grilled beef tongue or the braised pork cheeks would taste like. And unfortunately, we waited a while! But it was a very busy night and this slow service would surely be different on a night when every yuppy KC hipster was not cramming into the dining room after a long stroll through First Fridays (just down the block).
We ordered about twelve different dishes. The idea here is to get a taste of many things....and a taste of many brand new things for some. All of the orders are tapas style: small plates. We indulged in the baked pasta formaggi, charred hangar steak, and baked maine mussels to name a few.
This will be a great place for groups to sample different dishes.
The restaurant is connected to Michael Smith's original self titled restaurant next door so feel free to sneak a peek at that on the way to the restrooms.
For now,
1. Food-8
2. Atmosphere-8
3. Service-5
4. Value-6

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