Eden Alley basement adventure!

There’s more than one benefit to eating at Eden Alley, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the lower level of Unity Temple in the country club plaza. Along with tasty, creative dishes, Eden Alley benefits the community in numerous ways:
· Pays for organic recycling for all food waste
· 90 percent of all food is brought in from local, organic farmers
· All paper products used are made from 100 percent recycled materials
These are the other things that make you feel good inside, besides the delicious sweet potato burrito! This is one dish that is sure to fill up any appetite weary of a “vegetarian” meal.
The hummus and baba ghanoush duo was a great starter to compare the two dips.

The egg salad came highly recommended and was excellent.
The price was what really stood out to me the most. The fresh, organic ingredients used to put together each dish do not come cheap. I suppose the rent in the Unity Temple’s basement is not much compared to typical plaza commercial space.
This basement atmosphere would be my only questionable critique. The space is very large and airy, but it wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable…..just unusual.
The service was very, very kind and relaxed. It was exactly what I expected and it added a lot to the experience. The server was quite knowledgeable of the menu and very attentive. Great place to check out.

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